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Personal Training

Want to look and feel stronger? Strength can be observed in just about every physical pursuit. Whether it is a top-speed sprint, executing a maximal lift, performing a vertical jump or carrying out an advanced gymnastic sequence, demonstrations of strength

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Group Training

We offer customized workshops and seminars to improve technique and optimize performance, health, function, fitness and overall wellness! We come to you with programs designed to meet the needs of your specific group. Our programs are a phenomenal way to

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We are proud of our client relationships. And we’re also proud to share what our clients have to say about their experiences training with Primal Performance and coach Kyle. Read on to learn more about what Primal Performance is like

Primal Performance

Primal Performance is a boutique fitness training facility in the west end of Toronto, and is geared toward achieving a multitude of athletic and lifestyle-related goals where QUALITY of movement is always of the utmost importance. Whether you want to

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Coach: Kyle Gentle

Kyle has been a coach in the fitness and wellness industry for over eight years and involved in competitive sport since his youth. Kyle is known by his clients, coaches and colleagues for his positive attitude, passion for training, and infectious

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What Our Client’s Say

I've become addicted to training with Primal Performance! I feel stronger and healthier since I've started training. The trainers are amazing and very motivating in helping you achieve your goals!

-- Lara Presotto

I used to have severe back problems every other week, then I started to go to Primal Performance and have had no problems since. They work wonders with building muscle and strengthening weaknesses and now the only problem i have is keeping clothes that fit due to all the muscles I've built!!

-- Mandeep Riarh