Primal Performance is a boutique fitness training facility in the west end of Toronto, and is geared toward achieving a multitude of athletic and lifestyle-related goals where QUALITY of movement is always of the utmost importance.

Whether you want to shed body fat, eliminate back pain or get ready for your upcoming athletic season – we provide a holistic approach that includes a combination of learning how to properly execute the seven primal movement patterns and incorporate the benefits of an ancestral-based nutrition formula that will help you maximize your physical and mental potential.

Our Focus

All our clients are taught how to properly perform the 7 major movement patterns with optimal technique. These are the fundamental movements that humans perform on a daily basis – squatting, bending. lunging, pushing, pulling, twisting and gait – which is anything from crawling or walking to running.

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Why the 7 Primal Movements?

These seven patterns can be witnessed in virtually every type of human movement:

A baseball pitcher must lunge, twist and push, all just to throw the ball to the back-catcher.

Getting in and out of your car requires a single legged squat with a rotation.

Lifting things off the floor like bags and boxes requires you to lunge, bend and pull (AKA deadlift).

Most people do not perform these movements – squat or lunge or twist – properly. This can lead to pain that at first can go unnoticed and perhaps even go away, until one day you bend over to pick up the groceries and are flabbergasted as to how the light bag of groceries made you through your back out. That bag was literally the straw that broke the camel’s back! The underlining cause of the issue(s) was days, months and even years in the making. At this point the person needs major intervention to their movement patterns.

This is the reason why QUALITY over QUANTITY is of the utmost importance at Primal Performance.