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We are proud of our client relationships. And we’re also proud to share what our clients have to say about their experiences training with Primal Performance and coach Kyle. Read on to learn more about what Primal Performance is like to train with. And contact us if you like what you learn!

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Client: Tara Douglas

I’ve been training with Kyle for over three years. In a trainer/client relationship that may sound like a very long time, but over that three years I’ve gotten married, weathered injury and had a baby!
Kyle is an amazing trainer and an excellent coach. As a trainer, he listens to my goals and designs programs to help me meet them. His knowledge about how different exercises will benefit the body is incredible. I’ve learned so much from him, which makes it easy to keep up my own training and progress even further. He has made me want to do things in the gym I never thought possible and I love it!
As a coach he motivates during every workout and doesn’t let me quit. However, what stands out about Kyle is his attention to proper form and correct technique. This is very important, as I have learned, in order to avoid injury and get the most of a workout. You never do anything halfway with Kyle and the results show!
I have also learned the importance of the mental game. Not only have I been able to apply this to my training but to my everyday life and that’s something I will always take with me.
Kyle is a trainer, coach and a friend! I would recommend his training services to anyone looking for someone to help them meet their training goals.

Raia Testimonial - 200 x 200

Client: Raia Carey

Kyle is one of  the most motivating people I have ever met. I remember the first time we met – I was new to the gym and tipping the scales at over 450lbs. I was being shown a tour of the gym, and being explained how the personal training packages worked. We got to the weight room, and Kyle was in there doing a push up competition, and most definitely won. I said to them ” I want him to be my trainer”, and would not accept anyone else.  Over the next year we trained together, and had created a bond of respect, friendship, and motivation. He’s the reason my weight loss goals started to become a reality.
Kyle taught me that it was not just about working out, it’s truly a complete lifestyle change. For that I will forever be grateful to him, and continue on my healthy lifestyle. I am happy to say from 450lbs now at 220lbs. My final goal of being 190lbs is closer than ever. Not only is Kyle an incredibly talented trainer, he is a rare gem, a true last standing gentleman; loyalty, motivation, respect and honesty. Happy to have him in my life.

Mandeep Testimonial 200 x 200

Client: Mandeep Riarh

I used to have severe back problems every other week, and then I started to go to Primal Performance and have had no problems since. They work wonders with building muscle and strengthening weaknesses and now the only problem I have is keeping clothes that fit due to all the muscles I’ve built!

Lara Testimonial 200 x 200

Client: Lara Presotto

I’ve become addicted to training with Primal Performance! I feel stronger and healthier since I’ve started training. The trainers are amazing and very motivating in helping you achieve your goals!