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Want to look and feel stronger?

Strength can be observed in just about every physical pursuit. Whether it is a top-speed sprint, executing a maximal lift, performing a vertical jump or carrying out an advanced gymnastic sequence, demonstrations of strength require a well-coordinated movement via a group of muscular contractions.

Primal Performance is your training destination if you have a high-level performance-based goal, or simply want to become stronger to do the things you want to do or reach your genetic potential for strength. They key to building a stronger individual lies within a personal commitment to achieving optimal movement patterns in the nervous system.

I’ve always said that it isn’t crazy hard to make an intermediate or advanced athlete perform better. Essentially, it’s a matter of increased and properly programmed volume and intensity when the body allows for it. But taking a layperson to their full strength potential–someone who has been sedentary for most of their adult life and whose nervous system has not yet been tapped into with regard to movement and control of one’s body– is an exciting challenge and something I am very good at accomplishing. PROGRESSION is EVERYTHING, especially when first learning how to transfer force from the ground up and through your entire body. So if you’re looking to get stronger, I’m the man for you! –Kyle Gentle

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Seeking a perfect six pack, chiselled chest, boulder shoulders or a ripped set of legs?

Want to drop body fat to reveal a lean and athletic physique?

Getting you to the physical shape you want to be in will require a combined effort of proper training protocols, nutrition, sleep and a multitude of other lifestyle habits. These are all important variables no matter what your health and fitness goal may be, but they are especially important when altering the appearance of one’s physique.

Primal Performance will work with you to develop life-long strategies to guarantee you pack on the muscle you want, and shed the body fat you don’t want without the yo-yo effects of most weight loss programs.

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Looking for relief from foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder or neck pain?

Do you regularly see a physiotherapist or chiropractor to treat the same recurring injury or imbalance? Perhaps posture is becoming an issue, but has not yet led to any pain? If this sounds familiar, Primal Performance can address your body’s mechanics, postural issues and injury prevention and rehabilitation. Through proper progression you can learn how to fix your issues and eliminate weakness throughout the body. We will help you to understand the causes of the issues and become aware of how to fix and prevent further injury or imbalances.

Poor posture and less than optimal length tension relationships of muscles in the body provide a breeding ground for improper muscle firing sequences and neurological responses. This can lead to a variety of stresses to joints and other connective tissue. Through proper rehabilitation you can learn how joints work together and ultimately correct your biomechanical issue. You will discover when and where your “safe zones” are for play and exercise and when your body is ready to progress to more challenging, classical strength-based movements in your training.

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Want to move more efficiently, increase your energy or improve your overall wellbeing?

All of Primal Performance’s programming is designed to incorporate the mind, body and soul. Results are exponentially greater when all three of these components are addressed simultaneously and the outcome is an overall feeling of wellness. It’s that simple. We address the body as a whole unit that has many different working parts which must function in harmony in order for the individual to be healthy. This includes everything from a strong immune system to an optimal body fat percentage to superior posture. At PP, we will work with you to develop life-long strategies to aid in all of these departments so that you have the highest potential for a greater quality of life.